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That prints a couple of smiley faces. It is important to pick the right types when you are writing a program. Saving To Hard Disk The hard disk is the most convenient place to save programs.


The two main places we can save things are the hard disk, and onto a floppy disk. If you are typing in these web addresses, make sure you use capital letters exactly the way they are shown.

This way you can look at them to see if they contain what you expected. Arrays are very similar to variables, but they hold more than one thing. When the triplets are done, we switch back to the regular tempo. When you are working with files, it is a good idea to know how to bring them up in notepad.

On the Internet There are several places on the internet where you can get a copy of qbasic. Then take a closer look and see if you can see what's going on.

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Let's get the computer to do some math for us. To get something more useful, we'll use math. This may seem to make the computer smarter, ishq vishq pyar vyar movie songs but we know what's really going on. Here's a program that rolls two dice and prints the value of each. Scope's X and Main Module's X are different variables.

That is the version of qbasic I used to write this book. We also need the other Qbasic file.

To fix this, we need to use a file. It's much easier done than said. For programs that have to run very fast, using integers might be useful. The integer type handles numbers without decimals. Notice how that circle was not filled in.

By Ted Felix

Sometimes it is color-coded to help you figure it out. Random numbers are very important in games and in some kinds of Math. You can call your variables anything you want. We've logged two things in this program, the program's start time, and it's end time.

You'll never be able to find what you need otherwise. We won't need to do that again, unless you'd like to make another directory at a later date. But when the program ends, that information is gone.

Since it is always in the computer, your programs are always there for you to load when you need them. Neatness Counts, Again Hard Disks usually have a lot more information on them than a floppy. Just make sure the next person to read your code understands what you are doing. This won't be much fun if you aren't. Here are some titles I've found.

The single-precision type handles numbers with decimals. To be variable means that things can change. Try a few of these to see what I mean.

You can go up to seven digits with a single-precision variable. We've already seen this in a previous chapter. At least I haven't found one.

For programs that have to run very fast, using long-integers might be useful. With a programming language you can tell the computer what you want it to do. Let's write one that will listen.

We'll be seeing them soon. Ok, then let's clear it out and try to get it back from the floppy.

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It's just a fancy word for putting things together, one after another. The source code usually files with. Don't worry, we'll wait right here for you. The following program will do exactly what the previous program does.