Its interface is very simple, that makes it easy to use for beginners too. Already made diagrams can easily be imported, whether it is same extension file or from word of any other text editor too. In the example included in the yii-wizflow extension the workflow above is configured. Window support allows you to simultaneously work on multiple projects.

File support is yet another advantage. There is also an allowance of adding a small instructional note for user understandability. This is because visualization makes problem identification and solving a lot easier, with the possibility to edit anything on the spot.

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However, all of these applications follow a specified level of distinction based on the features they provide. It has several features packed with it.

There are hundreds of symbols and shapes, which offers a complete flexibility to user to choose suitable shape and structure. Don't break the flow by crossing lines with different color and fill all cells.

You'll find a detailed description below. Thank you for rating the program!

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WizFlow Flowcharter was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir. Jumping Arrows Charge into the temple with clever leaps and the trophy shall be yours! Power Screen Saver Builder Apps. Employee Training Manager.

Yii2-wizflow/ at master raoul/yii2-wizflow GitHub

Invoice Template for Excel. The upper toolbar holds the majority of creation and editing functions, with others accessible through the context menu. Notify me of replies from other users.

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Publisher Description WizFlow helps you create professional flowcharts and similar diagrams. There are many other softwares of the same kind, working more or less similar as that of WizFlow Flowcharter.

LanFlow Net Diagrammer Apps. Atrise Golden Section Apps.

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Read more about Workflow Definition. Drawing boxes or symbols of many shapes and connect them with lines of various types. One of the best ways to express ideas and create representations of complex processes is with the help of flowcharts or diagrams. Read more about the Workflow Driven Attribute validation.

Download WizFlow Flowcharter latest free version

Description WizFlow Flowcharter is a windows application that provides it users an easy way to create professional flowcharts and other similar flow diagrams. Besides its plethora of customization options, provided templates, samples and libraries of shapes, movie magic scheduling software WizFlow Professional allows you to add hyperlinks to your diagrams. WizFlow helps you create professional flowcharts and similar diagrams.

Export enables you to generate the same type of image file formats. This download was checked by our antivirus and was rated as safe.


The symbols and structures can be customized to the fullest including their border, color, font size, etc. Grouping of similar or different object is possible along with their alignment and arrangement. In this game, your task is to swap two sets of color arrows so that their positions are exchanged. The word wizard does not only refers to some Gandalf guy or any other old man wearing a funny hat and loaded with super magic power.

WizFlow Flowcharter Similar Apps for Windows 10 7 and 8/8.1

Import options give you the possibility to load basic shapes to which you add color and other visual tweaks. Diagonal Flow The re-invented flow puzzle! LinkedIn Company Extractor. There's also the possibility to enable a grid and have objects snapped to it for better arrangement.

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