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It expands upon other mods that also do this sort of thing, by the way. Oh and here are edible onigiri and white rice mods. New to the site or just visiting? These cuties wear appropriate clothing for the season they appear in.

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This mod adds a skill based career, the skill necessary, and a microphone that allows sims to tell a slew of jokes or comedy routines. The Woohooer mod has it all for your horny sims!

Casten's Costumes and Oddities by Kylaaab. This mod is for any Trekkie out there.

Welcome to Mod The Sims

This mod requires University Life, as it allows your sim student to have a harder time studying. Today we are talking to jkrojmal, a long-time member of the site and avid modder. Also, grab this locked treasure chest that works the same way as the door to make a portable solution to your hoarding needs.

This mod seeks to end the pollution all over your sim town with some Late Night tweaks. Protests could form literally in the most random locations by a group of people.

Oh, and your sims can increase their Woohoo skill and get better and better at it. The famous Normandy ship is now a building for your sims to move into. We use cookies on The Sims Resource. Thank you, powerful mods, overdrive magazine for fulfilling my dreams of a Renaissance home.

It gives your sims positive moodlets and a buff on their first spin around. Wild Denim - Mini Shorts mini shorts for Y. Ever want your sims to dance formally? Games Full games list Add current game.

Some Random Immortality Tweaks. They act as though they have all the money in the world to blow, taking taxis to go across the street. Allows you to load custom careers for your Sims. This mod is important, okay? This mod is simple, but so useful.

Here she has a modern graveyard that you can plot down somewhere on your town. Have a sim teen you want to start early on the modelling game? This mod makes it so that every sim will autonomously clean dirty plates so long as a sink is in the same room as them.

653 topics in this forum

First Off Definitely Consider Overwatch

The sims will go on with their lives, getting married, breaking up, falling in love, changing jobs, having babies, buying houses, literally everything. Into the Future is an awesome expansion, but unfortunately it also brought a lame bug with it. Ever want to live out a sitcom-esque scenario with your sims? Tattoo Artist Career by MesmericSimmer. With it, you can have a deer or raccoon join your household.

Best Sims 3 Mods You Have to Download Right Now

Especially useful if you have a sim town of a specific ethnicity. This allows you to stack up items and also have your stuff blend into the environment easily. Have some greaser sims you want to roleplay? Sure, there are the cute messages Reticulating splines, anyone? This mod allows you to manipulate which books are listed at the in-game bookstore.

This mod adds way more people to the party at bars and clubs. Ask to Stay Over Whenever. We have been on the lookout for a dedicated Front End Developer for a while now and despite interviewing several individuals, we're yet to find the right person.

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Ad-blocker plugin detected We have detected that you are using an Ad-blocker plugin. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Ever make a sim and have a crisis while trying to decide which traits to leave out and which to include?

Have a botanist sim in your household? Much better than the NoMosaic tuning mods because this mod allows the user to choose under which conditions the censor is displayed.

Thank you for participating! Choose from a latte, frothiccino, chai, or cappuccino. The entry form is now closed and we will be making our picks for the jury selection during the next week.

This mod will let your sims let their anime flag fly by adding a channel for animation. This large three bedroom houseboat is a perfect home for Sims and their families who love traveling the open seas. Well, then these two mods will definitely be for you.

If you love sending your sims to the spa but hate making the trip, you can get this mod for a buyable mudbath and standalone sauna. Well, now your sims can study skills as easily as you can with the Study Skills Online mod. Your sim will no longer get that inappropriate feeling for staying over too late. Or maybe awkward and humiliating interactions? This mod makes it so that the writing skill is improved.