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Therefore, there is no reason why they should not be listened to. Until now the disbelieves of Makkah were being warned and reproved for their denial of the truth and their attitude of antagonism which they had adopted towards the Prophet peace be upon him. It is not for the sun that it might catch the moon and nor the night may supercede the day.

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Surah Ya-Sin - Arabic Text with Urdu and English Translation

This is what the Most Affectionate hadpromised and the Messengers told the truth. And to day, be separate, O you culprits! That is why in reply it has not been said that Resurrection will take place on such and such a day, but that it shall come and shall be accompanied by such and such horrors. You are indeed one of the Messengers, which implies that the people who deny your Prophethood are misled and mistaken.

That is, the poor false gods themselves are dependent upon their worshipers for their survival and their safety and their needs. They react adversely to every admonition, follow a perverse philosophy in respite of every deviation and immorality and have a ready-made pretense for escape from every good.

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According to the traditions related by Ibn Abbas, Qatadah and Said bin Jubair, one of the chiefs of Makkah, on this occasion, came up with a rotten bone of a dead person, from the graveyard. Our gods have become angry with us on account of what you have been saying against them. This is about those people who were being obstinate and stubborn with regard to the message of the Prophet peace be upon him and had made up their minds not to listen to him at all. This is still another argument for Tauhid.

An obvious proof of your being a Prophet is this Quran, which is full of wisdom. If you obeyed him, you in fact became guilty of worshiping him.

In order that they may eat the fruits thereof and it is not made of their hands. And We have appointed stages for the moon till it becomes again like an old branch of palm tree. This means to show that disbelief has not only blinded their intellect but has destroyed their moral sense, too. So they refused and turned away.

Surah Yaseen Tilawat by Sheikh Abdur Rehman As Sudais

The Resurrection may seem yet far off to you, but even if you consider seriously your life in this world of which you are so proud, you will see how helpless you are in the powerful grip of Allah. Then this galaxy also is not the whole universe. Salam bhai jab se main ny urdu tajurma ka sath quran suna ha sudais or shuraim ka tab se mare zindage badel gai ha. Your legs on whose strength you are showing all this activity can become paralyzed as and when Allah wills. And on us is not but clear deliverance.

What, will you then be enticed by this sorcery while you perceive it. Just see what your own limbs say about your misdeeds. The answer was given immediately in the form of these verses.

In order that it may warn him who is alive and the word may be proved against the infidels. Obviously, there is no contradiction between the two translations, and, as to meaning, each is correct in its own place. Do they not point to the same reality, which this Prophet is presenting before you? They wait not but for a shriek that will seize them when they will be busy in worldly disputes.

Messenger of Allah, bluetooth for my pc I heard this man reciting Surah al-Furqan in a style different from the one in which you taught me to recite. Download All Surah Torrent. Download Surah Save Link As.

And We have subjected the same for them that some of them they ride and some others they eat. This verse also is one of those verses which clearly prove the existence of barzakh. This is the straight path. Who produced fire for you out of the green tree, henceforth you kindle therefrom.

This is but our due, and when there was a hard time, they would ascribe their calamities to Moses peace be upon him and his companions. This man is no more than a human being like yourselves. In it are also involved the so-called rationalists of today and in it have been involved the deniers of revelation and Prophethood of every age since the earliest times.

When will the threat of Resurrection be carried out? Now whatever calamity is befalling us is only because of you. Has not the news reached to you of those who had disbelieved before this, and then tasted the evil results of their deeds. Muhammad peace be upon him and his believing companions are also your wellwishers just as the believer was of his people.

This sentence again contains a subtle point of the wisdom of preaching. Now they are not to return tothem. This shows that the period of time between death and Resurrection is not a period of nonexistence altogether, as some ignorant people think. No one in the world even remembers them today. He then recited in the style in which I beard him recite it.

And has the man not seen that We have made him from a sperm, henceforth he is an open disputant? So that they may eat fruits thereof and what their own hands make. Or, it is an allusion to the markh and afar trees, whose green branches the Arabs struck against each other to produce the sparks. And that you should worship Me.

Sent down by the Dignified, the Merciful. Would that my people could know the good end that I have met, and could learn a lesson from my death, if not from my life, and adopt the righteous way. But historically this story which Ibn Abbas, Qatadah, Ikrimah, Kaab Ahbar and Wahb bin Munabbih, and others have related on the basis of unauthentic Christian traditions is baseless. That is, you in fact want to avoid the good and you like the deviation instead of the guidance. Had Allah willed, He would have sent down angels.

After Tauhid the other question about which a dispute was raging between the Prophet peace be upon him and the disbelievers was the question of the Hereafter. Your eyes by virtue of whose sight you are carrying out all your obligations in the world can be blinded at one command of Allah. If I make them my gods in spite of knowing all this. This indicates that the first vessel ever to be made in the world was the one made by the Prophet Noah peace be upon him. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

This person is no more than a human being like yourselves, for he eats of what you eat and drinks of what you drink. Here again Allah has used ibadat worship in the sense of itaat obedience. It is not but admonitionand luminous Quran.

The basic composition of matter itself has become possible due to the close affinity between the positive and the negative electric charges. This is the Hell, which you were promised. The people of the ancient times on the basis of their observations of the sun believed that it was moving round the earth. Allah admitted him into Paradise straight away and he is living in it and receiving his sustenance.

Surah Yaseen Tilawat by Sheikh Abdur Rehman As Sudais

Surah Yaseen with Translation mp3