Sony Handycam Digital 8 Software

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If any problem occurs, unplug your camcorder and contact your nearest Sony dealer. Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony Digital Handycam camcorder. Your Digital Handycam is loaded with advanced features, chaitrada chandrama kannada movie mp3 songs but at the same time it is very easy to use.

If a tape has a blank portion in the recorded portions The date search function may not work correctly. Connecting the power cord p.

Check the picture and if the above problem persists, repeat cleaning. Use the Remote Commander for this operation.

The previously recorded frames between these start and end points will be erased. The last recorded or last composed image appears on the lower part of the screen as a thumbnail image. This unit can also be connected to other i. You can also select the language, color, size and position of titles.


This mode is useful when you want to record yourself. Your camcorder starts recording. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Cue the camcorder to the beginning of the video.

Previous Next Sort by votes. The color and brightness of the image is reversed. To resume playback, press X or N. Recording A Picture Recording a picture p. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies.

SONY Digital 8 DCR-TRV120 Operating Instructions Manual

To stop recording, press the red button again. To advance the tape Press M in the stop mode. First, select the icon, then the menu item and then the mode. The date and time are held in memory by the lithium battery. Adjusting The Exposure Manually Adjusting the exposure manually You can manually adjust and set the exposure.


Use this function to check where recording dates change or to edit the tape at each recording date. Use this function, for example, to view a desired scene later on during playback. Any help is much appreciate it! If you replace the lithium battery with the battery pack or other power source connected, you need not reset the date and time.

To enable smooth transition You can make the transition between the last scene you recorded and the next scene smooth as long as you do not eject the cassette if you turn off your camcorder. The cassette compartment opens automatically. Connect the other end of the i. Inserting A Scene Inserting a scene You can insert a scene in the middle of a recorded tape by setting the start and end points. Cue the video to the beginning of the video footage to be transferred.

The image is monochrome black-and-white. This mode is useful when you want to record an image such as a photograph or when you print a picture using a video printer not supplied. The default settings can be partially changed. You can control playback using the Remote Commander supplied with your camcorder.

How to transfer video from a Digital8 camcorder

Start the video capture software on the computer. These numbers are different from the data file names. You can also search for still images one after another and display each image for five seconds automatically photo scan.

To view a still image playback pause Press X during playback. However, many video capture applications have detailed help files, including specific instructions about capturing and importing video from a camcorder to a computer.

The digital effect indicator appears. Before connecting this unit to a personal computer, make sure that application software supported by this unit is already installed on the personal computer. Start the video capture software. Begin importing the video with the video capture software.

In this condition, the tape may stick to the head drum and be damaged or your camcorder may not operate correctly. Begin importing the video with the capture software. Use your camcorder as a recorder.

Use the Remote Commander for these operations. The sound is recorded normally. You can exchange image data with other equipment such as a personal computer etc.