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Over the next few days, they spend more time together and Richard imagines that they are growing closer, although she is immune to his imagined charms. Statistics show that there is a low risk of separation during the first months of marriage. He apologizes for his indiscretion but she says it happens to her all the time. Since this is Richard's fantasy, it need not conform to reality.

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It's filmed in mostly one location and doesn't have any rounded out supporting characters like Sabrina or Sunset Boulevard do. Romance between the two is still suggested.

The Seven Year Itch is a American romantic comedy film based on a three-act play with the same name by George Axelrod. For other uses, see Seven Year Itch disambiguation. Iconic imagery aside, the movie itself is quite funny despite the fact that it's a somewhat neutered version of Axelrod's play. Sherman and the Girl kiss twice, once outside the movie theater, the other time before Sherman goes to take Ricky's paddle to Ricky.

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Inviting Monroe to dinner, Ewell intends to sweep her off her feet and into the boudoir. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. In the film, a man sends his family off on vacation for the summer while he stays back to work.


An American showgirl becomes entangled in political intrigue when the Prince Regent of a foreign country attempts to seduce her. With that said, the dated humor sometimes can work to its benefit and add to its charm. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

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The original review in Variety was largely positive. In Paris, a former policeman falls in love with a prostitute, and tries to get her out of that life by paying for all of her time.

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While these can fluctuate from year to year, symbolic safety signs the averages stay relatively close to the seven year mark. The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage. Brubaker Oskar Homolka claims that almost all men are driven to have extra-marital affairs in the seventh year of marriage.

Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell. Learn more More Like This. In order to survive, each must be purged of anger, and each must learn to understand and care for the others. Comedy on the Edge Eyepoppers Fantastic Reality. Feldman Group Productions.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Richard Sherman as Tommy Ewell. Dorothy Ford as Indian Girl.

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. As two couples are visiting Niagara Falls, tensions between one wife and her husband reach the level of murder. When she arrives, a vision in pink, they have a drink and he lies about being married.

Sonny Tufts as Tom McKenzie. The film succeeds mainly because of Marilyn Monroe's obvious charisma and appeal - she really shines in this as the dizzy, curvy blonde upstairs. Marilyn Monroe as The Girl. The moment Monroe wiggles up those stairs all that goes out of the window and he starts fantasising about the new arrival. Richard, overcome by his fantasies, awkwardly grabs at her, causing them to fall off the piano bench.

Robert Strauss as Kruhulik. Though Hollywood production codes prohibited writer-director Billy Wilder from filming a comedy where adultery takes place, the review expressed disappointment that Sherman remains chaste. At least for the most part.

The modern usage of the phrase gained popularity following the movie of the same name starring Marilyn Monroe. Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures. Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City. Brubaker, but to no avail.

Many lines and scenes from the play were cut or re-written because they were deemed indecent by the Hays office. Tough Guys Trashy All Moods. Moreover, she enters the apartment by emptying the gun into the front door, yet she doesn't reload.

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