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Pronunciation Power Idioms uses memorable and unique illustrations to aid you in remembering English idioms! If it is a noun, such as banana, you will see, hear and be able to record the plural form. Click on any sample word and get a picture and sample sentence from the dictionary. Record your voice while you say the words.

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Then repeat the sounds you hear into the optional microphone. Reinforcement Exercises Choose from four exercises to help you practice the sound you have chosen. Record your own voice and compare your pronunciation of the word to the instructor's. Listen to a sentence read by the instructor. You can save your recording at any time to track your improvement.

Compare your voice to the voice of the instructor. Find a sound with occurs in the beginning, middle or end of words. Find only verbs or only nouns.

Individualized Education Plans. Comparative Words - Practice words that sound similar but are different.

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Compatible for both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems, students can spend hours improving their pronunciation as well as listening skills. This is an excellent teacher's tool. It is also the program of choice by most of our students in our English Language Institute because of its ease of use, logical sequencing, variety and overall capacity of the program.

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Popular Tourist Destinations. Practice carefully selected words. Sample Words - Practice a variety of words.

Compare your voice to the voice of the instructor - your English speaking partner. Listen to the instructor pronounce the sample words. This dictionary will help you improve your pronunciation, reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling abilities. Students will easily navigate through the speech analysis lessons and exercises. Record your own voice and play it back.

And, most importantly, it's very interactive and easy to use! The lessons are repeatable and will challenge even the advanced learner.

Pronunciation Dictionary Access this dictionary from the Main Menu or from the Exercise section where all words are linked to the dictionary. Using your computer microphone record your own pronunciation of that sound. In America, as in other cultures, poor pronunciation can be confused with ignorance and will often result in less than desired results in business and social situations. Pronunciation Power is an outstanding piece of educational software, of aptitude test papers I'd recommend it for any second language learner. Pronunciation Power indicates if you were successful in identifying the correct word.

Manual A detailed manual is available for the S. Unique searches for viewing words. Links for English Practice.

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Advance your listening ability with different listening exercises. Choose the correct word used by the instructor in the spoken sentence.

There are over different exercise questions for you to answer and get feedback on. Choose from one of the five exercise sets to help you practice your pronunciation. Compare your recording to that of the instructor. There is no other product like it! Listen to the instructor say the two words.

See if your recording matches the moving highlights. Pay attention to the special instructions for the skill that you are practicing.

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Listening Discrimination Exercises - Improve your English listening skills. Speech Analysis - Each spoken English sound has a unique computerized pattern. Search by alphabet letter or by letter combinations.

Speech Analysis Listen to the instructor pronounce the sound and view the instructor's waveform. Compare the sound and waveform of your voice to that of the instructor. Observe the movement of an animated face - see the tongue and mouth movement for the sound.

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Follow the highlights as they move along the sentence. The exercises feature proven methods to help the student learn.

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