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As part of the weekly fire alarm test, you will hear an evacuation message. Revenue Inspectors do travel on the trains, and you will be expected to produce your tickets, when asked to do so. Do you listen to podcasts and if so how often? My name is Deborah and I support God and our president.

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Morning After Dark- Timbaland.

For your own safety, please stand back from the platform edge. Famous people with no accent both male and famale? Regular brackets indicate that a phrase is sometimes, but not always, announced. Please listen for further announcements.

Metro Station - MusicBrainz

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Closed circuit television and remote video monitoring is in use at this station for your personal safety and security. Some stations have short platforms. Please ensure that you take note of the advice posters on display at all stations, adobe cs6 master collection patch and if possible carry a bottle of water with you.

Please do not smoke until you have left the station premises. Due to today's wet weather, please take extra care whilst on the station. Please accept our apologies for the reduced number of coaches today.

For your comfort and safety, closed-circuit television is in use at this station. Please do not board this train. Please refrain from smoking whilst at this station. Customers for intermediate stations, please check noticeboards displaying information, and listen for further announcements. Full details are available on posters around the station.

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Stand behind the yellow line. Customers are advised to take extra care whilst moving around the station, as platform surfaces and stairs may be slippery.

This is a security announcement.

Please note, that it is not permitted to ride bicycles, skateboards, or use roller-blades, at any station. This is for testing purposes only. This includes all enclosed areas, and the open platforms.

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Short and long stay parking is available at this station. Please stand well clear of the edge of Platform X. Are you haunted by your dark past? Whats your favorite board game? It is not permitted to cycle, skateboard or roller blade within the station building.

This train will terminate here. Please stand back from the edge of the platform. If you are feeling unwell, contact a member of staff at the station.