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Feature rich defect management tool that too with all possible customization for your project. It has a wide range of function but can be considered for defect tracking system. It is one of the best bug tracking tool. The tool is pretty easy to use.

Reported issues are easy to find with search and filters. All our employees easily setup, manage, and resolve bugs and issues everyday. Being an open source tool makes Bugzilla am an excellent choice for new and medium-sized businesses. When it comes to reporting bugs, it allows attachments, but the attachment size is limited. Scraping data from system is quite easy.

User can search bug easily with multiple search options. Nothing much for this section. It is not connected to timesheet.

If you want to know exactly what's changed from one version to the next, you can view checkin logs. The product is not free when hosted but there is a version available for free trial at The Bug Genie details.

The controls are intuitive and self-explanatory. Being a free tool it is easy for small companies to adapt with ease. It supports agile projects also.

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While this might be a good temporary solution for small sized teams and projects, this is not a sustainable method. However a large community always has answers to your questions, window 7 video editor but some questions still goes unanswered. So how do you make it work?

The platform supports tasks planning, creates stories to track tasks, as well as various reports and statistics. Bugzilla is an open source tools that I use to efficiently track issues. Now, what defect tracking tools do you use and do you think there is any other tool that should have made it to the list?

In order to represent that in the graph, you can select severity on X-axis and component on Y-axis, and then click on generate a report. Even some of our sales guys were easily and independently filing new bugs or searching for existing bugs, and that's definitely saying something.

Localized Versions Bugzilla uses a template system and those templates can be translated into other languages. Kindly send me the sample of bugzilla tracker. Bugzilla is a most well-known bug tracking tool. Defect tracking systems allow developers and testers to track all the outstanding defects.

It is easy to set up and host on your office system. It is open sourced and can be obtained from Trac Details.

Not sure if it's a limitation of the product or the way it was configured, but there don't appear to be role-specific restrictions on who can move a ticket to a specific status. It needs a serious refactoring. The issues could be features, tasks or defects. User can customize the setting as per his her requirement.

It needs a refresh which could attract more users. It is simple, organized and compatible with your mobile devices. It provides integration with various automation tools which can be considered an additional feature. Please let us know your thoughts. Integration with test case management tool can be provided with simple configurations.

Bugzilla Addons

Bugzilla Addons

The software is free and provides some features are not there even in the paid softwares. The tool, Bugzilla is very useful and helpful for bug tracking. If users attempt to file a duplicate bug in the system, the software automatically checks for similar existing bugs based off of the previously submitted summary details. Ability to create multiple projects and teams within the tool.

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So, the target audience is not confined to software systems. For example - only a tester should be able to close a defect bug, but really any user can close as long as it's an available step in the workflow. This tool is developed for large companies who need high volume licensing with a minimum prize.