Apocalypto Soundtrack

Of particular interest were the discussions about casting, location scouting, and the city sequences. One day, while hunting, they encounter another tribe, who is asking permission to pass through their territory. Zero Wolf as Raoul Trujillo.

Full Cast & Crew

Full Cast & Crew

The synth strings and brass might have been more effective if they were performed with live musicians, but they are generally surrounded by enough solo instruments pipes, drums, etc. Eschewing a traditional orchestra for synthesizers and plenty of solo instruments, Horner creates a rather unique primal sound palette that sets the score deep in the jungles of the Maya empire.

If any information appears to be missing from this page, contact us and let us know! Fans might find it distracting, but I find it draws the listener into the world of the music.

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The two get along splendidly, and provide a wealth of information about the research that went into writing and making the film. The only thing is, the violence is so overt, and so excessive, that it almost borders on parody.

Mexico as Javier Martinez J. He manages to escape, and uses his knowledge of the jungle to try to outwit and defeat his pursuers, and try to reach his family in time. Captive Audience Productions.

Apocalypto Soundtrack & Score

This skims the surface of making the film, and while it provides some really interesting detail, there are a few areas that could have been explored in more depth. Also missing from the package are the theatrical teaser and trailers, which would have been nice to have included. Audible Download Audio Books. Outstanding Cinematic Moments. As far as extras go, the pickings are rather slim, but satisfying.

Native community engagement Miguel Necoechea Jr. Khan along with vocalist Terry Edwards provides a variety of vocal effects, from throat singing, chanting, wordless wailing, and more. People are knived, speared, gutted, mauled, decardiated, beheaded, and more. The lack of any mention of the visual effects or music is disappointing.

Apocalypto - First Listen. Apocalypto is not a film for everyone. Within the context of the film, Apocalypto is a great score, the healing full movie doing everything that film music is supposed to do.

Apocalypto Soundtrack (by James Horner)

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Credits composer James Horner director Mel Gibson. At that time, the Maya were already in decline, and the large city cultures portrayed in the film were no longer the powerful forces they once were. The story is simplistic, but allows us to get a glimpse into a world never truly explored on film with such accuracy and graphic detail. Captive Audience Beverly E.

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