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It causes a tremendous amount of stress. But their customers have a right to legitimately use that licensed copy, and this is denied by Aldelo. Aldelo For Restaurants software solution allows you to train your new employees faster with less time and money spent. Compare at price and reliability.

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Easy to use and cost friendly and I would highly recommend for start up businesses. Spent too much money on this.

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Easy To Use Payment Interface. Does everything I need to run my business.

Performing any sensible maintenance or repair or upgrade to your workstation prompts a re-activation, and Aldelo wants you to pay for another license. View full list of Restaurant Management Software. The technical support must be. Aldelo makes it really easy to connect the front of the house and the back of the house.

They fix one thing then break another, then try to fix it again all with the same version number. This level of accuracy saves you money previously lost on spoilage from inventory overages. Whether you have a small single store establishment, or a chain of restaurants, we have the solution that will help you run your restaurants much more efficiently than any other competing products!

Product is extremely easy to use and makes tracking inventory and ring up sales a breeze. This is an old guard company in the industry that has been disrupted. The staff is great and the Techs are smart.

The software is very user friendly. Aldelo specializes in easy and simple order entry, which makes life for your wait staff less stressful.

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Overall I like the software itself and there are updates constantly being made. My advice is to consider that you will be paying for re-activating your licenses and should consider that the software will cost you much more than the advertised price in the long run.

Save your money on tech support and find it somewhere else. Restaurant Software Product Overview. Get started with Aldelo Pay. Easy to start daily business.

Easy enough to use, once very good for it's time but now it's way dated. Best of all, there is no prior computer knowledge required from your wait staff. Basic version of Aldelo Restaurant Software.

Aldelo For Restaurants software solution will save you both time and money by improving your restaurant operations. Now also available as a monthly subscription! System outages are frequent. Please call for more information. Open Aldelo and select Back Office.

All software sales are final. Previously Available Models. Scroll through only a partial list of features offered by Aldelo - Click on a screen shot to see the full list.

Easy to Use Pizza Builder. Aldelo for Restaurants by Aldelo.

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Aldelo Features Comparison Chart. Aldelo is an excellent point of sale software for a variety of restaurants. The ordering and payment process on Aldelo is simple, fast, online technical books and easy - making training new employees a breeze.

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Additionally, our software solution is also internationalized. Aldelo has gone too far with their policies in an effort to protect themselves from license theft. Simply changing the name of your network neighborhood de-activates the license.