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It's a very great book to read, but it's so sad, it touches your heart. Of course, I have no rights to judge. For though I should walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evils for Thou are with me.

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With faith and hope, Dave grew determined to survive. Incredibly sad This book starts off on a positive note to give you the knowledge that despite everything you are about to read, there is somewhat of a happy ending. It is even more sad because it is real.

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There are no character traits or branches of the story. My stomach coiled whenever I smelled food that was about to be served to somebody else, knowing it wasn't for me.

Shortly after this I made my first confession. And the more gladly they do His Will the greater is their perfection. He has two brothers in the beginning and three in the end. It is also a story of Texas politics and power that led the good citizens of the town of Temple to enable a demon who was their worst nightmare. He is always fighting with his wife over the treatment Dave receives but never wins.

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The writing was cliched I've sat with this book on my desk for a couple weeks, unable to decide what I would write for a review. Verily the lamp of faith is not extinct in the land of the Norman. It had the potential to be educational or thoughtful and instead it was just a car crash from cover to cover. Francis de Sales which pervades the pages of the Autobiography?

Apparently, there is some doubt on whether the story is actually true, or whether the author merely made the whole thing up. Disturbing This is a story of a boy named David who endured the worst abuse I had ever read about, by the hand of the very person who gave him life, his mother.

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What kind of mother that has a heart to beat her son till he passed out? So his mom started to take out her frustrations on David and not his brothers.

Her last hope is Cathy Glass. What is most appalling about this book lays behind the truth of the story. He does not call those who are worthy, but those whom He will. It is essentially just one description of one abusive incident after another, and nothing more.

This he called the gas-chamber game. Even if he was scared of the mother, the sniper 2 game he could have anonymously called the police and report that a boy was being abused.

The person that i actually hated more that the mother in the book was David's father. With that being said, the high points given for this book is not because it was excellently written but more to the message that the author tried to convey in between the lines.

My coach was reading it and somehow ended up reading the entire book aloud to my squad during breaks and at night. This book has made me think and feel. The fact that it was a real story made it way sadder. He is forced to eat leftover dinner scraps from his siblings if he is lucky.

A child called it audiobook

In one part David's mom is really nice to him and his brothers and in a few years she is treating his brothers the same but is beating him constantly. Ah, that was not in my power!

It seemed like he picked and chose whether we focused on his feelings or his surroundings mostly and this bothered me since the book is suppose to be a mixture of the two. Okay, this is going to be a short and sweet review since it's a non-fictional autobiography and you can't really critique things like characters and story. These punishments Dave had gotten since four years old or so are so radical and crude that I am skeptical of what have really happened.

Accessible information Audiobooks Blindness equipment Book formats Words coined in the s. Oh my god, what can I possibly say about this book? Nowhere in the book was it stated that he seemed afraid of his wife, so why did he allow her to treat their son so horribly? Without a word, we stood watching the firebhall-like sun as it sank behind the tall trees, leaving bright blue and orange streaks in the sky. And these pages are small, with large type!

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