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Here's an oldie but goodie for you. Women only recently entering the work-force yeah. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. See whether or not your behavior matches your goals. Have employees write out a word summary of their goals main objectives which you both keep on file.

Basically it has three ideas. The use of the parable not only simplifies the concepts but also makes you feel less attacked, especially if you are at a managerial position. The writing is absolutely wretched. In any case the manager is on their own, their organisation will not help them, but you can buy the book and save yourself.

Reprimand them immediately. Great book written as a timeless tale. The book is brief, the language is simple, and the method works.

He meets a very efficient manager with whom he learns three basic principles of One minute manager. There's also one minute praise.

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The One Minute Manager

The idea is that the Y will set the pins and X will strike the pins using the ball. In this case there is no doubt that goals and behaviours are simple and definable.

Cringe-worthy writing, overly simplistic, not envisioning any shortcomings to there approach - what could possible have stood in the way of this book becoming a New York Times best-seller? That's what this book claims.

There is this genre I call business fiction. This is a world apparently without complexity or openendedness. Also the book is old for it's time, continually mentioning to make physical contact by placing your hand on your employee's shoulder etc. This book teaches the quickest way to increase productivity, profits, job satisfaction, and personal prosperity. He is able to share some solutions and questions of life's great mysteries and secrets in simple, consumable, and ultimately useable form.

Everyone is a potential winner. This gives space Simple, quick and entertaining story about how to manage yourself and be a manager. See whether or not your behavior matches your goal. And this is probably true.

The more I appreciate what he's spent a lifetime working to both share and help people practice. This is all helpful advice in managing people. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Other books in the series.

The One Minute Manager by Kenneth H. BlanchardThe One Minute Manager Summary - Four Minute Books

Overall, I thought the book presented an interesting idea. This book assumes a team that are all intrinsically motivated and can operate completely independently but even if you are still working on more basic staff development there is plenty to take away. Well that was a very basic and short book! The dialog attribution alone is nausea-inducing.

Although I like the main idea of the book, and I see theoretically how it could be an effective management strategy, I didn't like how the book presented it. The caveat being that some of this information is quite outdated. That the unknown, might be known! Set them up and knock them down. An aim at communicating common sense wisdom for the business world.

The One Minute Manager is an easily read story which quickly shows you three very practical management techniques. Some of the managers he observes are focused on people but not results. It is a revolutionary new management method that is already producing very real results for top managers and Fortune companies nationwide. Whether you are a new manager or you have been in a managerial position for some time, non able online games this book has some hidden gems to help in your role.

Look at your goals Look at your performance See if your behavior matches your goals. The book says three to six goals, but I always vote in favor of less.

To show there are no hard feelings, include a note of appreciation in your criticism. Don't pre-plan to touch people - we're British and touching isn't appropriate in a professional environment. But really this is the entire substance of the book. This short book packs a lot of advice about effective management into an allegorical story. The writing is unconvincing and poor and, as a work of literature it is almost offensively bad.